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Los Angeles Private Car Service for you every need

Los Angeles is a busy area with lots of traffic going around all the time. Navigating it can be challenging, but a quality Los Angeles private car service can make your life much easier. LWT Limo takes pride in providing the best private care service in Los Angeles, with highly knowledgeable drivers and a luxurious fleet.

We offer all kinds of services, from corporate bookings to concert transportation. Thanks to our effective use of technology, we are always on time and ensure you have a safe and comfortable ride with our private car service in Los Angeles. 

LWT Services in Los Angeles

Since we have been in the private transportation business for years, we know how to serve different customers. Hence, our Los Angeles private car service comes in different varieties to suit their needs. 

Airport Travel 

Airport travel is one of the most common types of Los Angeles private car service, thanks to the incredible number of flights to and from the local airports. The schedule is often tight, so the car service must be punctual. We’re proud to say that we have never received any complaints regarding it, as our drivers are always on time.

We have an advanced flight tracking system detecting flight delays and rescheduling pick and drop accordingly.

Concert Transportation 

Los Angeles has a lot of concerts where friends and families go to enjoy their time together. Quality private transportation like ours can enhance the experience even more. From SUVs to Sedans to Motor Buses, our Los Angeles private car service has everything for everyone, whether you want to go solo or with your group.

Since it’s party time, you can upgrade your vehicle with different amenities, such as a bar, party lights, etc.

Sporting Events 

Sporting events are another occasion to spend a fantastic time with your friends and family. We offer excellent transport for all kinds of sports events in Los Angeles and always ensure you reach on time. You do not have to worry about parking anymore, as our drivers know how to do it.


The death of a dear one can be devastating for many reasons, and making several arrangements on top of it can be overwhelming. LWT Limo stands with you during those hours of stress and ensures you don’t have to worry about transportation. Moreover, we can comfortably transport families to and from the funeral site to lessen their burden.


Proms are important events for youngsters, and LWT Limo ensures they have a fantastic experience with our Los Angeles private car service. We provide them with our luxurious fleet, and you can pick any vehicle you want, depending upon your budget and if you wish to go solo or with a group.   


A special occasion demands a luxurious Los Angeles private car service, and LWT Limo is perfect for providing it. From picking you up from your home to dropping you off at the wedding venue, we are the ones that can do it best.

Birthdays & Anniversaries 

Have the birthday of a loved one or an anniversary of the special one in your life? You’re in luck, as LWT Limo is here to cover your transportation needs with its luxurious SUVs and Sedans. So, enjoy your special time with our Los Angeles black car service without worrying about traffic and parking.

Book LWT Limo – The Best Best Private Car Service in Los Angeles 

If you’d like to ride with us, contact us and get a free quote immediately. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have. 

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